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About True Moss

Hi. I’m Mandy, the Founder of True Moss Interior Plantscapes.

I started this company in 2012. In that time, we’ve quietly grown to become one of the best interior landscape and Christmas décor companies in the Kansas City area. We’ve helped over 100 commercial properties, offices, malls, banking facilities, apartments and senior living facilities.

Here are the top reasons why people love working with us:

 We’re a small, locally owned and operated company

Don’t be surprised if you see me on your property personally installing or cleaning your plants. I take a lot of pride in my company, and I want to work as hard as I can to keep you happy.

 We LOVE what we do

This is our Passion. We love bringing the peace and beauty of nature indoors. We love making you look good to your tenants and customers.

 We custom design the plants in each space we work in

We want you to feel like your space is unique and has been created just for you.

 We’re always available if you have questions or problems

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or problems. We will quickly work to resolve any issues.

 Our Christmas décor is creative and fun

Creativity is the key to decorating for the holidays. Our designers love decorating for the holidays. We visit holiday markets in June to find fun different elements that will work in your buildings.

 We use fun blooming plants

When you choose a blooming rotation along with your interior plants, we install creative blooming plants such as Easter Lilies or Hydrangeas. We use orange flowers for Halloween, and red flowers for Fourth of July. It’s our job to make your office colorful, and we do our best to choose blooming plants everyone will love.

An image of True Moss Interior Plantscapes' President and Founder, Mandy Moss

Mandy Moss

President & Founder

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