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Frequently Asked Questions

Numerous studies have linked interior plants with improved air quality. For more information on how plants clean the air, please visit our blog post on how plants clean the air.
Horticulture service clients are visited according to the scheduled service cycle for watering, pruning grooming, and IPM. This is coupled with quality control visits from a True Moss Specialist. Frequency is determined by the service contracted and plant variety.
You can contact a True Moss Specialist by calling our direct number at (816) 590-6233.
Depending on lighting, accessibility, or specific project needs, replica plants can be necessary, and, in some situations, preferred. In fact, we’ve completed large-scale installations using exclusively artificial foliage. True Moss offers a wide selection of realistic replicated foliage. Our high standards and expertise in live plantings ensures that we will only specify replica plants and flowers with the most convincing characteristics.
We can recommend and install plants that maintain their form and beauty in environments with low light or reliant on artificial light. If you prefer a plant that requires more light than what you have, we can guide you in choosing supplemental lighting or a replica foliage alternative.
Interior landscaping is the practice of designing, arranging, and caring for living plants in enclosed environments. ‘Interior landscaping’ is an appropriate term because indoor environments contain plains, angles, and horizons that are softened, accentuated or altered by the addition of plants and planters-thus landscaping the interior. Similar to outdoor landscapes, interior landscapes provide spaces with ornament, color, sculptural elements, focal points, and an overall pleasant environment. In the trade, interior landscaping is also known as plantscaping and interiorscaping. Interior landscape firms will use one of the three terms or a combination.
In normal circumstances, allergies are a non-issue. In fact, most varieties used indoors are considered “allergy-free plants.” Our experience has guided us in establishing company-wide standards to address concerns regarding dust, allergies, and molds.